The most accurate marketing data platform for all your online and offline channels

Receive daily data-driven budget advice for all your online and offline channels based on 6000+ factors and realize on average 25% more sales with 33% less expenses.

On average 25% more sales with 33% less budget

Datafy is the most comprehensive marketing dashboard for business owners, analysts or marketing managers. You can view all data from different channels in one place. Based on extensive mathematical models, our system predicts user behavior and calculates the optimal distribution of your marketing budget with 98% accuracy.

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"We have been able to reduce our performance costs by 10% while retaining sales."
Erik Zomerhuis - Cheaptickets

Optimize your budget scenarios

Enter your marketing budget for this week, month or year in our dashboard and our system will calculate the optimal scenarios for your online and offline marketing mix. Your marketing budget is used as effectively as possible and you get an accurate estimate of the expected sales and turnover that you can achieve in the different scenarios. All you have to do is choose which scenario you prefer.

Navigate on cross-media insights with attribution models

Instantly see where sales are coming from with cross-media conversion paths broken down by channel. Which factors reinforce each other? To what extent? And which channels should the focus be on? Our models are becoming more accurate as they collect more historical data. Of course, this is all visually displayed for you, so that you have a clear overview of the results.

Get instant insight into the unused capacity of channels

Get instant insight into the unused capacity of channelsThrough extensive data collection from website visitors, your ROI is maximized. By means of conversion data and probability calculations, our system can model the behavior of your visitors and calculate the influence of every euro spend. In this way, we achieve maximum results with minimum expenditure.

Receive weekly advice on the most effective budget allocation

At a weekly level, our system advises where your budget should go to get the most out of your investment. This way, you can easily adjust online and offline channels. The marginal ROI is constantly taken into account.

Optimize the customer journey with detailed conversion paths

How do your visitors convert? Which way do they come in? How often do they visit your website before converting? In our dashboard we give you a detailed overview of all the different conversion paths. This way, you know exactly where your sales come from, and you can offer your customers an optimal experience.

Buy media cheaper by understanding the effects of offline marketing campaigns

Curious about the best times, channels and programs to broadcast a commercial? Our spot insights provide you with up-to-date advice based on detailed broadcast schedules on how to optimally use offline media. This helps you to buy media at the right times and the right channels.

All your data in one place with unified marketing measurement

As a marketer you often look at different tools to analyze your efforts, but the offline part is missing. That, while offline has a major impact on your online channels. With our data marketing platform you will find all your different channels in one overview. This way connections become clear, and you can optimize marketing budgets.

Predict user behavior with marketing predictive modelling

Every marketer would like to look into the future, right? Thanks to our mathematical models, we no longer have to rely solely on historical data, but can predict user behavior with great accuracy. In this way, we achieve an average of 25% more sales for our customers with 33% less expenditure.

What do we do differently?

All our software and activities are aimed at maximizing your results in the short and long term.

Why do we win every tender?

Datafy has spent 10+ years developing a mathematical model that can predict how to best allocate a marketing budget over your campaigns and channels with 98% accuracy based on thousands of factors. There is no other software on the market that is as effective.

Performance vs. branding

Datafy provides precise insight into how the efforts of your brand and performance teams reinforce each other. This leads to better cooperation between teams and an optimal cross-media budget distribution.

The real value of touchpoints

Traditional conversion attribution software creates the illusion that there is an average conversion path on which to steer. This can make you attribute too much value to underperforming channels or vice versa. Datafy shows how each touchpoint contributes to short- and long-term sales.

Factors with an impact on your sales

External factors such as the weather, seasonal influences, price position, etc. contribute enormously to the chance of a conversion. Our model makes real-time predictions about thousands of factors and their influence on your sales.

Offline media impact

Research shows that television is still the most powerful medium, both for sales and branding purposes. Datafy offers a unique way to measure the exact short- and long-term effects of a spot on your sales and brand equity.

Most competitively priced

Our Power-BI dashboard is designed in such a way that your teams can work independently with it. This means you are not dependent on our support. In addition to our competitively priced software subscription (cancellable monthly), you do not pay any hidden costs.

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We have now been able to work with a large number of advertisers in various industries, in the Netherlands and abroad.

Rob van de Wiel


At Essent, we have been using Datafy for many years to our great satisfaction.With the help of Datafy, we receive weekly insights into how our campaigns are running, where we can best optimize our ATL, BTL and online campaigns.The Media mix tool ensures that we have the best budget overall across all these channels and we also have had a separate module built that determines the ideal price per product for us, given our position in relation to the amount of sales we do and our competitors. Over the years, we have been able to make several major optimizations on the use of channels, budgets, the best mix between price comparators & online channel and a considerable saving on the cashback amount that we give away.

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Erik Zomerhuis

Cheaptickets / Travix

We have been using Datafy for for several years now. With the help of Datafy we have far-reaching insights into the performance of the media mix, the TV advertisements and the online campaigns. With the media mix modeling tool in Datafy we calculate various annually and quarterly scenarios for an optimal online and offline media budget distribution. We send our online campaigns weekly based on the advice in Datafy. Results are a substantiated decrease of 10% in costs with retention of results.

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Joost Knuvers


Datafy has enabled us to optimize and assess our budgets across all channels. This tool ensures that we can include all channels in the attribution and budget optimization and not, as with GA, that you cannot properly include certain channels in this. Knab currently uses Datafy for the online and offline budget allocation and for improving the online campaigns. Since we strictly follow the advice of Datafy, we notice a decrease in the CPS of 33%, compared to when we did not follow the advice.

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About us

Datafy has been the conversion engine of many e-commerce and b2b brands in the Netherlands for years. It was founded by Auke Pot (PhD Mathematics) and Paul Hissink (Director of Marketing). Together they came to the conclusion that the market needs supportive data-driven software when making marketing decisions. Due to the high complexity of modern marketing, simple models fall short or wrong advice arises due to errors in the data or calculations. This is what the Datafy software solves for our clients.

From now on, measure all your online and offline marketing efforts in one place, so that you receive budget advice with 98% accuracy based on mathematical models and accurate data. Optimize your ROAS in the short term with our dashboard and make on average 25% more sales with 33% less spending.

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